“As our activities expand and expenses increase accordingly, it will become essential that our income expands at an even faster rate…”

Our 2015-19 fundraising vision:
To ensure that the funds needed to deliver our charitable objectives are always available

Between January 2010 and December 2017 we cumulatively raised £225m (including 2017 estimate local group income).

By the end of 2019 we will pass £308m

In 10 years we will have grown from a £16m annual income charity to over £42m.

2017 Income: £39m (estimated)

Looking ahead to the next 5 years (2020-24):

“It will become essential that our income expands at an even faster rate. Whilst fundraising  paves the financial way for service delivery, service delivery should and will dictate the level of our scale and fundraising ambition.

Where did our 2017 income come from?

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our strategic focus in 2018

Strategic Aim

Supporter Focused.

Impact (our overall goal)

By creating ongoing engagement that is tailored to the needs of the supporter, we will build a highly engaged and motivated supporter base. This will positively impact income.

2018 impact (our one year goal)

There is always a next step and never a dead end for supporters in their Parkinson's UK journey. No new activity will be developed without a tailored plan for ongoing comm's. Our comm's will give supporters:

  • Greater confidence that their support matters
  • An increased knowledge of the work that we are doing
  • Easy access to the ways in which they want to engage

Outcomes (changes needed to achieve impact)

  • A transformed culture whereby considering onward journeys becomes the norm
  • Visibility of all existing supporter journeys
  • Definition for what an active supporter is

KPI / Metric (How we will know we're on track?)

% of all activity with visible onward journey (compared to all Fundraising activity)

Planning for 2018

In planning for 2018, we have prioritised and focussed on developing and further embedding three strategic enablers:

  1. Supporter focussed

  2. Insights driven

  3. Open to new ideas.


Virtual biotech

The Parkinson’s UK Virtual Biotech (VB) programme, launched in March 2017, is dedicated to developing new and improved treatments for Parkinson’s and, ultimately, to finding a cure. 

Founded with a single gift of £700,000 from The Allan Willett Foundation, the VB programme aims to bridge the gap in traditional drug development by focusing new investment on the most promising new therapies for Parkinson’s in the critical “valley of death” - the drug discovery and early clinical development stages. 

Parkinson’s UK believes that better treatments and a cure for Parkinson’s are achievable in years not decades, and the VB is the innovative approach to scientific success.


Scientific success is conditional on fundraising success. A growing group of some of the most entrepreneurial, visionary and generous donors are working with us – whether giving single gifts, pledging longer-term commitments and/or acting as influencers and introducers to potential new supporters. 

Together we need to secure £4m in new funding this year, to compliment the £2m first round funding raised in 2017, if the VB programme is to make real progress. 2018 is off to a promising start with £1,098,500 in gifts and/or pledges.


Spreading the word about who we are and our VB ambitions is key to our success. Donors in the UK and abroad, including the USA, need to find us and we need to find them. And as a UK charity, registered in the USA, donors can benefit from the many tax breaks available to them, whether by giving cash, shares or other investments. 

Throughout 2018 we will be staging various donor engagement and ask events, as will some of our most valued supporters, including the family of the late Allan Willett, our VB founding benefactors. (More on events will follow in due course).

Together, we will find better treatments and a cure in years not decades.